Why Certain Types of Displays Sell Products Better Than Others

Even in the best of times, it is essential to capture your customers’ attention and incorporating well-designed in-store marketing displays and point of purchase displays are two of the easiest ways to do this.  When shoppers enter any retail store, they can often get confused by the multitude of products on the shelves that essentially do the same thing.  This can intimidate a shopper; reducing the number of products they purchase and ultimately leading to the inability of the consumer to actually make a decision.  Attractive, functional Point of Purchase (POP) displays helps potential customers to focus on certain products, to make decisions about those products and may even lead to increased impulse buying.

According to a report by the Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI), “…shoppers who recalled or interacted with in-store marketing materials realized a 69% higher mean in spending…”

As a retail store, your main goal is to make a sale and POP displays can help you to do that.  You may ask “How can it help my sales when it doesn’t do anything to improve the actual products I sell?  That is true but they do catch the customer’s attention and can actually increase the perceived value of the product.  In addition, POP displays help reinforce the branding of the products you sell.

As in all marketing, most consumers don’t make a purchase decision based on seeing a brand for the first time; it takes reinforcement and repeated exposure to a company’s brand message to really get the product name into the minds of today’s shoppers.  Even impulse item purchases may be based on a product or brand the consumer has seen before which has pushed back into their subconscious.  The purpose of POP displays is to bring that subconscious memory back to the surface and to influence the purchasing decisions of your customers.

Don’t forget that a point of purchase display is often an item customized or offered by one of your vendors to help promote their products, so frequently you can get free or low cost displays directly from the distributors themselves.  If they haven’t offered any to you, be sure and ask for them and ask your sales rep if they have any marketing materials and displays.  If they haven’t shared any pop displays with you, don’t be afraid to ask them if they have something you can look at, set up and evaluate. 

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About the author; Elias Amash is the President of GRIPOnTools.net.  Located just south of Grand Rapids, Michigan, GRIP features a 200,000 sq. ft. state of the art warehouse facility including a 2,000 sq. ft. product showroom. GRIP carries a product line of over 1,500 specialty hand tools, household items, automotive, air tools, wood working, and general merchandise. With its proven track record of excellence in supplying retail hardware clients with innovative products, timely fulfillment, and world class customer support, the ideal solution to your tool needs in Grip-On-Tools.

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